UCWF 2018 Chukar Challenge

Location: Border Inn Baker, NV on the Utah/Nevada State line west of Delta Borderinncasino.com 775-234-7300

Prizes: African Safari, Guns, Wingworks Vest, Upland Gear, and more

Be a part of our first ever UCWF chukar challenge the first Saturday of December each year, December 1, 2018 this year. Come join like-minded people for a friendly weekend at a memorable location with a bit of competition and raffles for a good cause. Money raised will go to the Utah Chukar and Wildlife Foundation a 501c3 charitable organization focused on improving upland game and wildlife habitat on Utah’s public lands.

Two divisions: 2 person teams, or single hunter. See rules below for more details.

Registration after October 1, 2018

Teams: $230 per team if registered after October 1, 2018: Includes breakfast and dinner on Saturday, and 2 participation raffle tickets (more can be earned during the hunt).

Singles: $125 if registered after October 1, 2018: Includes breakfast and dinner on Saturday, and 1 participation raffle tickets (more can be earned during the hunt).

Reserve Rooms or RV spaces with electricity -no water, but there is a shower/bathroom you can use. Only 28 rooms available, so don’t wait! See Border Inn website and phone above. Tell them you are part of the UCWF chukar challenge for a discounted rate. (Single bed $55/night, Two bed $65/night, $20 a night for RV space with use of shower/bathroom area and electrical plug in.

  • Start Check in at the Border Inn on Saturday morning between 5-7 (MST) AM
  • You must possess a valid Nevada and/or Utah hunting license
  • Hunting may only occur between 8 AM - 4 PM (MST).  You must have a photo of hunter(s) at the truck at 8 AM and a photo of final birds and hunter(s) at 4 PM or earlier.  IF YOU DO NOT HAVE START AND END PHOTOS YOU CANNOT QUALIFY FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP AWARD
  • Hunters must return and check in with birds and photos by 6 PM (MST) Saturday.  Check in will be available from 4-6 PM. Hunters touching the check-in table at 6:01 PM (MST) or later will be disqualified. (Watch those drive times!)
  • Dinner from 5:30-7 PM MST, awards, raffles and prizes 7-8 PM MST
  • Singles may hunt with only one dog on the ground at a time (you may switch dogs if desired)
  • Teams must leave and return to the Border Inn in a single vehicle and may only hunt with two dogs on the ground at a time (you may switch dogs if desired)
  • All birds harvested must include a time/date stamped picture (place birds near a phone or gps if your device doesn’t have time/date stamps)
  • Record gps locations of each harvest.  Locations won’t be released and will only be used if questions arise to clarify/justify
  • If your team’s limit is reached, take two final pictures. One with all the birds and all hunters. The second picture should include a detailed close up of the birds, the gps coordinates and a time/date stamp. This will be used to declare a winner and/or resolve any irregularities.
  • A raffle ticket will be given for each bird harvested
  • Team limit is a 10 bird limit and single is a 5 bird limit. No hunter can kill more than five birds for competition purposes.
  • For limit championship, if there is a tie the earliest limit time according to final photo date/time stamp will win.
  • Hunting can be done on any public lands and harvested birds must be wild (no private lands or pen-reared birds.)
  • Both Utah and Nevada public lands are options if you have the appropriate licenses. Only a single hunter bag of five birds or a team bag of ten birds counts toward your competition total.
  • Fastest competition limit or if there are none, most birds harvested at the earliest time, will win a trophy/plaque, prize and be declared that year’s “champion” for each division
  • All other prizes will be given through a raffle, more birds = more tickets/chances to win.
  • Should you encounter another team with a medical, veterinary or vehicle emergency you should stop hunting and assist. Your fees will be refunded for your kindness and you will receive extra raffle tickets---(You won’t be cursed by the Chukar Gods).