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Wildlife and conservation enthusiasts,

The Utah Chukar & Wildlife Foundation (UCWF) was created in February of 2004. The UCWF is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization focused on improving chukar and other upland game populations, habitat, and hunting on Utah's public lands.

The UCWF is an active participant in wildlife legislature, Utah's upland game laws, the Utah Upland Advisory Council, volunteer projects, fund raising, guzzler and water development, wildlife education, habitat improvement, and more.

We are making a difference and with sustained support we will continue to make a difference for upland game in Utah. Become a member today!


I hope you are having a great summer, and have found ways to escape the heat.  I have heard mixed reports of chicks being seen in the desert this summer.  The good news is there are a number of areas where folks have seen chukar chicks in decent numbers, always a good sign.  Hopefully we will have a better idea in September of how the chicks fared.  We are excited for our annual sage grouse count on the Parker Mountains on Aug. 1; more information is in the news section.  Enjoy the rest of summer and keep the dogs tuned up, the hunting season is right around the corner.


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For the past 10 years, we have been holding our annual banquet and fundraiser at the Doubletree Hilton by the airport. It has been a great location and we have enjoyed working with their staff to provide a quality dinner and fundraising experience. We generally clear a little over $15,000 a year at the banquet because of our dedicated members and our great sponsors.

We had 62 individuals who submitted surveys and we appreciate those who provided your opinions. What you indicated is that the UCWF banquet is being done well, but it is time to find a larger venue so that more of you can attend and we can have a little more room to move about. We have decided to move the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Salt Lake City for next year's event. The Sheraton will be able to accommodate up to 600 attendees so we have lots of room to expand. The banquet will again be held on the last weekend of February and we hope to see you all there.  

Thanks to all who participated in the survey.


• To become a powerful united voice for Utah’s upland hunters.

• To generate funding for Utah’s upland game that will stay in Utah.

• To provide information and man-power for upland projects.

• To influence legislation.

• To improve and utilize wildlife habitat.

• To preserve/enhance upland hunting for the future.

• To increase guzzlers and water developments in Utah (the second driest state in the U.S.)


By joining the Utah Chukar & Wildlife Foundation you become part of a local, powerful organization geared toward conserving Utah’s chukars and other upland game on public lands.

YOU take a step towards ensuring quality upland hunting in Utah now and for future generations. All funds and efforts will stay in Utah and will be used to benefit upland game. Become part of our team and preserve the upland experience. And remember, ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!