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Wildlife and conservation enthusiasts,

The Utah Chukar & Wildlife Foundation (UCWF) was created in February of 2004. The UCWF is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization focused on improving chukar and other upland game populations, habitat, and hunting on Utah's public lands.

The UCWF is an active participant in wildlife legislature, Utah's upland game laws, the Utah Upland Advisory Council, volunteer projects, fund raising, guzzler and water development, wildlife education, habitat improvement, and more.

We are making a difference and with sustained support we will continue to make a difference for upland game in Utah. Become a member today!


It is hard to believe that another year has come and gone. Winter is finally here so it should be easier to locate chukars on the south slopes where the snow will be burned off by the sun. I am seeing a lot of good reports coming from the central and southern areas of the state. Hopefully you find some time to hike the hills this winter.  The sunny winter days with highs in the 30’s and a slight updraft are my favorite days to pursue chukar.

Those that post their pictures on the Facebook page seem to be doing really well. We now have over 350 likes on our Facebook page and over 300 individuals who participate in the Facebook group. If you do a Search in Facebook for Utah Chukar and Wildlife Foundation, you should find both the page and the group. Those that aren’t familiar with Facebook,, the UCWF page is used for general information and Facebook users can “Like” the page to receive posts when they are made. Since anybody can “Like” a Facebook page, we have individuals from all over the world who have shown an interest in our group even in places where chukars are native birds. The Facebook group is individuals who have either asked to be in the group, or someone from the group has added them. Since you have to ask to be a member or someone from the group adds you, the members are generally from Utah. This is an open group so anyone can post comments or add pictures of their hunts. This makes for an excellent forum for our members to use to communicate with each other. If you are a Facebook user, you might want to check out the recent posts.

Banquet time is here and we are excited for another great celebration on Feb. 28nd at the Double Tree Airport Hilton (same location as past years)!  We have reached maximum capacity the past two years and expect to again this year.  Please sign up early, so you will be guaranteed a spot.  It is easy to order dinners on our website or call Alan at 801.476.7056 (leave a message if he doesn’t answer).  You do NOT need a paypal account to order on the website.  When paypal comes up, click on the option to pay with a credit card.

We have again debated moving to a larger area for the banquet, but have decided to stay with the same location and banquet size this year.  We believe that our 200 dinner banquet adds to the atmosphere and camaraderie of the group.  However, the dinner prices were increased this year so we have to pass along the additional cost so you will see a $10 increase (per dinner) for each pricing option. This is the first time since we have started the banquet that we have had to increase the price. After the banquet, we will distribute a survey to our members to see if we want to continue at the present location, or look somewhere else. We have some great items lined up this year including: Guns (Benelli Montefeltro 20 g., Franchi 48 AL 20 g., Browning Silver 20 g., Tristar 28 g. Viper G2 silver, plus other shotguns and rifles we are still collecting), Guided Hells Canyon Chukar hunts, Argentina dove hunt (I can personally vouch for this one –call or email and ask me about it), Garmin Astro, another amazing taxidermy piece by Darin Gardner, unique stained glass artwork, awesome upland artwork,  and tons of upland and outdoor gear).  Look for an email from me in early Feb. with more detailed information about some of the banquet items you may want to research.  This should be our best banquet yet!  

Remember that this is our only fund raiser of the year and the money from this banquet is used for the many quality projects that we support each year.  We hope you will attend and invite others to attend as well.  Besides having a good time you’ll know you have contributed to quality upland game projects in Utah and we get at least matching funds for the majority of the projects we support each year.  Our completely volunteer organization works hard to make sure that you get the most out of your donations/support and it all stays in Utah!


For more up-to-date information and lots of pictures, visit our Facebook page at:


• To become a powerful united voice for Utah’s upland hunters.

• To generate funding for Utah’s upland game that will stay in Utah.

• To provide information and man-power for upland projects.

• To influence legislation.

• To improve and utilize wildlife habitat.

• To preserve/enhance upland hunting for the future.

• To increase guzzlers and water developments in Utah (the second driest state in the U.S.)


By joining the Utah Chukar & Wildlife Foundation you become part of a local, powerful organization geared toward conserving Utah’s chukars and other upland game on public lands.

YOU take a step towards ensuring quality upland hunting in Utah now and for future generations. All funds and efforts will stay in Utah and will be used to benefit upland game. Become part of our team and preserve the upland experience. And remember, ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!