About Us

WELCOME TO THE UTAH CHUKAR & WILDLIFE FOUNDATION Wildlife and conservation enthusiasts, The Utah Chukar & Wildlife Foundation (UCWF) was created in February of 2004. The UCWF is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization focused on improving chukar and other upland game populations, habitat, and hunting on Utah's public lands. The UCWF is an active participant in wildlife legislature, Utah's upland game laws, the Utah Upland Advisory Council, volunteer projects, fund raising, guzzler and water development, wildlife education, habitat improvement, and more. We are making a difference and with sustained support we will continue to make a difference for upland game in Utah. Become a member today! JOIN THE UCWF By joining the Utah Chukar & Wildlife Foundation you become part of a local, powerful organization geared toward conserving Utah’s chukars and other upland game on public lands. YOU take a step towards ensuring quality upland hunting in Utah now and for future generations. All funds and efforts will stay in Utah and will be used to benefit upland game. Become part of our team and preserve the upland experience. And remember, ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! QUARTERLY "CHUKAR TRACKS" NEWSLETTER When you become a member of the UCWF you will automatically be included in our mailing list for the quarterly newsletter, aptly named "Chukar Tracks." In it you will find updated information about ongoing projects, hunter profiles, pictures, contact information, hunting reports, and much, much more. Join today and begin your subscription. FACEBOOK For more up-to-date information and lots of pictures, visit our Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/UtahChukarFoundation WHY THE UCWF?
  • To become a powerful united voice for Utah’s upland hunters.
  • To generate funding for Utah’s upland game that will stay in Utah.
  • To provide information and man-power for upland projects.
  • To influence legislation.
  • To improve and utilize wildlife habitat.
  • To preserve/enhance upland hunting for the future.
  • To increase guzzlers and water developments in Utah (the second driest state in the U.S.)
  • Through uniting upland sportsmen.
  • Through involvement in committees and legislation.
  • Through working closely with the BLM, SITLA, Private Land Owners, and the DWR.
  • Through fund raising, matching funds, and banquets.
  • Through Volunteer projects dealing with chukars, upland game, water development, and habitat improvement.
  • Through chukar and guzzler studies.
  • Through building guzzlers and maintaining other water developments in Utah.
  • Through continued education.
  • Through participation in Youth retention activities with other wildlife organizations.
  • Through upland research, surveys, and proposals.
PRESERVING THE UPLAND EXPERIENCE The Utah Chukar & Wildlife Foundation is committed to preserving the upland experience. We are a united group of conservation minded sportsmen and women whose energetic voice is wielded to shape the future of Upland Game in Utah.