Quail Trapping

We hope your season is going well.

We are planning on helping trap quail again this year from Dec to Feb to get new populations going throughout the state. Avery Cook from the UDWR is looking for quail trapping volunteers who would be able to help trap or grant access to locations along the Wasatch front (Utah Valley, Salt Lake Valley, Davis County). Avery does an amazing job coordinating the trapping and transplant efforts. The project is eligible for dedicated hunter credit.

We believe there is strong potential for Valley Quail expansion in our state with this effort. We have a number of successful populations resulting from transplant efforts already.

If you are interested, contact Avery at averycook@utah.gov

More info on the project is also available at: https://wildlife.utah.gov/available-projects/event/73-quail-trapping-and-transport.html